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A Day at the Farm

This event has passed,
but check back regularly for information regarding another future trip.


A DAY AT THE FARM is uniquely designed to provide a hands-on experience of what it’s like to work the land.
GARDENING IS AN EDUCATION most favorable to character development, teaching innumerable lessons of love, power, submission and perseverance.
Bring your children to a hands on experience with garden tools. They will learn object lessons in nature that will bring them closer to God. Other topics will be taught such as the different uses for herbs in medicine, soap making and cooking. 
A donation box is provided by Uchee Pines for those who would like to make a donation.
Choose clothing that will cover the limbs. We will be in the fields where plants tend to scratch bare skin. A hat and gloves may be helpful.
Lunch will be provided by the Uchee Pines Cafeteria at $5.00 per person.  Please register so we may have a count of how many will be attending.  We will also be visiting Country Life Health Food Store in Columbus, Georgia on the way back.

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